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Denny Jones

Despite any ambivalence towards my pending move to Europe, nothing I feel right now compares to the astonishing level of arterial agony and grief I felt but a few brief months ago.

I do not casually leave my magical home Cambodia where I learned to be loved.

As despotic and dusty as my home can be, it is also a place full of unaffected humanity engaged in a heartbreaking struggle against itself.

It is precisely the exquisite struggle of life in Cambodia which compells me to abandon what has become so familiar in exchange for a life in Europe with only the certainty of love.

I know no more what the future holds than I did when I moved to Cambodia six years ago. Yet, as I embark  I must remind myself that everything worth remembering in life, has been unexpected.


best of luck!

Everything worth remembering has been unexpected. I like this notion. I am wishing you the best in the change that is to come. Nothing is ever certain, that is the only certainty.

Re: best of luck!

Thank you sir. I will likely be writing more and in need of luck during this period of change. I am moving to very rural SE France after 6.5 years in the jungles of Cambodia.