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Denny Jones

I Am the Secret Informant, the Rise and Fall of Jefferson Elderberry: a musical fantasy

...Picture this, Olympia, Washington, 2010:

A rainy sea-side village of lively sin and blasphemy, a veritable Sodom & Gomorrah, full of pretty exertions on the bureaucratic stage; a thrusting, violent, vibrant, lurid, smoke-filled bedazzlement; a sensual ravishment full of petty intrigues, danger, and perhaps more than a little gay romance?

Lonely hound dogs singing to the stars about the whims of a self-loathing mad man with erotic and political desires for more; attacked by a hoard of illiterate stage-mothers.

This show ain't over 'til the thin man in drag screams. But let's shake out that bad double girl fantasy, because we're not doing Peking Opera here!

Step right up and snitch the life out from under your former mentor and friend... and win a cotton candy goat!

The finest mail-order surveillance equipment the OPD has to offer.

Prepare your brain for razzle dazzle!

If there was a sponge which cleaned up broken dreams, Woolworth's would still be in business. But, he had attached himself to youths with hope, and now they failed him more than age and despair.

The dark side of ambition without the promise of redemption.

You may be shocked, or agreeably surprised.

Can your heart stand the shocking story of the miserable souls who survived? Only a person of undaunted optimism would embark on such a venture. Unfortunately, we have.
What follows, is history...